Jaap Mol

This world can be a tough place for those who seek rest. Life is a constant and exciting stream of new impressions, information, notifications, conversations, and proclamations. It's almost an art to be able to keep the balance between all these stimuli and find the rest we need to cope with them.

Join Jaap Mol on a quest for that balance. Follow his state of mind as it wanders, floats away, goes into overdrive, moves, spins, and unwinds. Drift on the waves of silent piano, haunting strings, floating synths, and rhythmic arpeggios, to a place where the stimuli of the world no longer have a grip.


    The REST EP; part I of the REST/UNREST trilogy. Quiet piano pieces to find some rest. Out november 17th.


    The second EP by Jaap Mol. 5 tracks that explore what we are as human beings.

  • Worldviews EP

    The first EP by Jaap Mol. 5 tracks based on samples recorded on multiple places in the world.

Merch to take home

Here are some things I made alongside my music. Photography, little books, sheet music. Order it and I will send it to you.


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